Child Safe Limited have created a unique Event Planning, Management and Rescue Package for education establishments taking students on days out or extended trips and excursions.

Easy to use, they are designed to aid anyone with any level of experience to plan, prepare and execute their trips with the emphasis placed on the safety and security of all participants.

As modular packages, they can be adapted for all circumstances, including clubs, scouting groups or even private use.

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Contains all the elements to aide planning, preparation and executing a successful school trip.

Includes software based H & S Risk Assessment and Check List templates for easy print, a leather bound folder, special student contact cards, emergency services support card as well as individual Hi-Viz Apparel

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This is an upgrade to the Passive CS Passive System and is based on active GPS Tracker devices issued to each child or one per group of children.

Teachers can set parameters on a trip such as Geo-Fencing an area or a safe distance, when if breached, audibly alerts the teacher on their mobile devices and shows the precise location of any individual via an active mapping app.

Better to be todays’ unpublished good news…..

…..rather than tomorrows headline TV News Story

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Mail Online :

Furious Parents slam shambolic school trip after teachers left Owen, five, on his own in safari park for two hours

Borehamwood & Elstree Times:

An investigation has been launched after a child was left behind at the zoo after a school trip

Plymouth Herald:

A young mother whose four-year old daughter was abandoned on a bus by her teachers after a day trip says she has lost "all trust" in the school